How can I merge two Klaviyo accounts into a primary account?

  • 28 August 2023
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I am consolodating an international store into a domestic store and closing my international shopify store.  I’d like to merge my international klaviyo account into my domestic klaviyo account.  What tools and processes are available to do this?  

i cannot find a similar situation anywhere on the forums. 

thank you.


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Hi there @nerdwithus


Welcome to the Community, happy to help! 


It should be noted that as you transition from your international store down to a domestic store, that you need to be very careful how you transfer the consent of your customers as it is not best practice to transfer consent from one account to another, even if the difference is simply international → domestic. The reason for this is that your international customers only consented to receive marketing from your international store, and not your domestic store. 


I would send a campaign to all of your international customers asking if they still want to be subscribed to your marketing as you are closing your international store so they can give explicit opt in. You can ask them to click a link or button on your campaign that will add a property to their profile and you can then create a segment of users who are in your list and have this property to know who has given explicit consent. You can then export this segment and upload it to your Domestic store’s main list.


I can understand that this might seem very manual, however, consent is a very serious implication as it is imperative stay on the right side of customer data ! 


Hope this helps!



Hi Taylor, 

Thank you for the time and effort to answer the question. However this does not answer the spirit of the question. 

I need to know if Klaviyo supports account merging. which does not appear to be the case. 

We’ll consider the process you’ve outlined above.  It is a clever and direct way to handle it. 


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@nerdwithus  As far as I know, there isn’t a way to merge accounts. Did you try reaching out to their support team? Maybe it’s something they can do on the back end.

It is easy enough to export subscribers from one account and then import them to the new one; but it will not maintain any of your data. Just remember to upload your suppressions too so you don’t accidentally email someone who has opted out. 


For purchase data: 
If you’re migrating that sales data from your international store to the domestic one, it will come through the integration - you may have to tell the integration to re-sync the historical data. 



If you’re not doing migrating the sales data in your eCommerce platform, you can import purchase data manually or with the help of a developer through their API. Here is the documentation for manual import. 


For other metrics (events):
When you navigate to your metrics and click into an individual one, you’re supposed to be able to export a list of events for that metric. When I went to test it to confirm I was giving you the correct information I wasn’t able to export anything. I think it’s a bug because I can’t export segment data at the moment either. 

You can also pull the data with the help of a developer and the Klaviyo API and then import into the other account.