How do flow emails affect my account sending limit?

  • 22 August 2023
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Hi Guys,

We have a setup with only a few email subscribers, but a whole lot of active profiles within our klaviyo / Shopify setup.

recent dialog with a friend, got me thoinking about our billing setup.

As we all know, the amount of active profiles affect the totalt amount of people you are allowed to send campaign mails to at once. 

But how does it affect the flows?

We are on a billing plan with only the amount of active profiles, that is within our newsletter list.
We do tho have 100.000 active profiles backend, that have been collected from shopify, before we got klaviyo.

Simple question:
Are 1/10 of our customers not entering our flows?


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Hi @bear420,

Welcome to the Klaviyo community!

From my understanding, the send limit only applies to a single email. Meaning these customers will all enter your flow, but once you hit your email limit no more emails will be sent. You can check the skipped reason in any emails in the flow to see any customers that were skipped with the “Over Email limit” reason.

Each email in the flow should count as a single “send” (unlike campaigns).

Hope that helps!


Hi David,

Thank you for the explenation. 

That makes great sense.