How do I remove or delete a duplicate Klaviyo account?

  • 6 March 2021
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Hi Klaviyo Family,

I am new member of this family, Hope all of you are doing good.

I need your help regarding my account, accidently ( I Think) i have opened 2 klaviyo accounts for one shopify store, one is with store name and other one is with company name, I don’t know if it is normal or i have done mistake, I removed one integration but account still appears with the other account  on my klaviyo screen. i uninstalled klaviyo from the shopify to reinstall it but when re installed ,again both account appeared, i don’t know how to fix it, it causes confusion, 

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards


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Hi there @jdewitt85


Welcome to the Community! 


I am sorry you didn’t have a great experience with chat, however, all free accounts can request help with our Support team on account issues like this by using this link! The support team will be able to remove this duplicate account for you! 



How do I go about removing a duplicate account now that Klaviyo’s support emails ( and are no longer available for use? I also do not have paid email support included in my plan at the moment. It appears my only method to get support is to use the virtual chat, which has not been trained on removing duplicate accounts.



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For this request, I’d recommend creating a ticket with our support team at There is some account specific information that we will need to collect from you in order to proceed with possibly removing one of the accounts created in error.