How do you create marketing content for a site with different languages?

  • 3 June 2023
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Hi, we have installed Klavyo on 2 of our websites, (site in Italian language) and (Site in Portuguese-Brazilian language). They are the SAME website that just sell in different coutrines. Currently Klavyo is configured with sending emails/template in Italian language also on the Brazilian website. How can I configure the emails/template for the Brazilian site in Portuguese language instead of the Italian language? Thank you

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Hi there @mike_sun_rise


Welcome to the Community and thanks for sharing your question! 


Yes, your sending template are in Italian if that is the language your account is set to. While you can only set your account to one language at a time, there are various ways you can identify your Brazilian users to ensure that they are receiving content in the right language.


For instance, I’d publish specific forms on your Brazilian site and add a hidden language property to the form to help you customize content based on a user's language. Once you record a language property to your Brazilian and Italian users, you can  use flow filters  and  conditional splits in your flow emails and create segments of your Brazilian ensure they’re receiving marketing content in Portuguese.


I’d recommend check out this Academy course on running a multinational business and these other Community threads of users who asked a similar question to gain more insight!



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