How to Change {{ organization.url }

  • 21 September 2021
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We have recently changed our site’s url.  Now all the links in our flows that use {{ organization.url } go to the old URL and not the new one. I can’t find where in Klayvio settings I update what the organization.url is.  Please help!


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3 replies

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You can change this in account settings.. 

So go to Account → Contact Information → Organization → Website URL

Website URL is actually what is added to klaviyo {{ organization.url }} code


FABULOUS!! thank you!  I searched the hell out of that on Google and Klayvio and nothing came up.  MUCH appreciated :grin:

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Hi @Dalelea


Welcome to the Community! Happy to hear @Bobi N. found such a quick solution for you!

Whenever you add the a Dynamic Variable, like the {{ organization.url }} variable, it will dynamically pull whatever is set up in your account settings. Klaviyo doesn’t ever change information, but in a sense makes a ‘call’ to see what is the information it’s looking for in that tag or variable and displays it. If this feature every seems to misfire or not show properly, it’s always a good idea to see how the information you’re looking for is brought into Klaviyo or check to see if your code is assembled properly and asses what the error might be from there! 


Being able to have our peers jump in and help solve issues is what makes the Community and its users like @Bobi N. so great!