How to fix emails going to spam without purchasing branded domain?

  • 3 May 2024
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I believe my emails are going to spam folders because my sender domain is just an “” domain. It’s like this because I haven’t set up a branded domain as of yet as I do not want to do that immediately. Is there a solution to ensure my emails don’t go to spam folders without purchasing a branded domain address?


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Welcome to the community @mbdaylight 

Yes, that will be your deliverability issue.

I also think you’ll see a poor response when sending from a generic domain, particularly if you’re an ecomm business, even if you get past spam filters. Recipients view these types of emails suspiciously. 

The only real solution is to have a branded sending domain and configured correctly for SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. More info on that here:

Basically, that set-up lets receiving email systems know that your emails are genuinely from you and have not been tampered with in transit.

The next step is to build your sender reputation - which can only be done with a branded sending domain and over time - by ensuring you focus on your content and list management to maximise engagement with your emails. More info here:

Hope that helps