How to Merge Two Accounts (different languages)

  • 5 February 2021
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Hello email saavy friends, 

We currently have a multi-account (two accounts under the same user) ; in French and English. We also have two separate Shopify stores.

We are going to be merging both accounts and stores. I was wondering if any of you had experience doing this within Klaviyo? Any tips or best practices? I couldn’t find much information online. 

How can we still keep lists/segments/flows separate as we merge? Will people need to opt-in again for language preference? 

*I have read that as we merge all flows need to be set to manual or draft so they don’t send to customers before intended, but that’s about it!

Thanks in advance for your wisdom! 



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Hi there,


Unfortunately, since Klaviyo doesn't automatically do this and their geolocation feature is limited, there’s no easy way of doing it other than using Profile properties that would serve to language segmentation.

My advice is to create at least one property that does exactly this, store the language preference. This will allow you to segment them properly to a certain degree.

For flows, things get complicated, especially when it comes to pre-purchase flows (abandoned cart, browse abandonment) because you have to entirely rely upon Klaviyo’s geolocation if you want to use them as Flow Filters.

Example: Go to your website from incognito more and input this into your browser


This would be a completely new session that’s visible under Dashboard > Activity Feed. Once you enter that profile, you’ll be able to see what geolocation properties you can use to filter the flows by geolocation.

There is also this: and this:

Hope this helps!