How to properly merge two accounts after a brand merger

  • 5 December 2023
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We are merging our brands coming into the new year and we wanted to know if there is a standard practice for doing so. Can someone point me in the right direction for completing this process, best practices, any red flags/warnings about moving over customer subscriptions to the main brand? 


Background: currently have two companies, different Klaviyo accounts. Both brands have been owned by the same company but we are now moving the smaller brand under our larger brand and rebranding those products. We want to move all customers over from the smaller brand and have them in a separate segment so we can properly communicate the brand merge to them and as well target them properly in the future with campaigns. 




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Hi there @Digital_HP


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help! 


Do the customers know that the smaller brand is owned by the same company as the larger brand? I agree that it is best practice in terms of consent to first let the smaller brand subscribers know that it’s marketing efforts are closing and give them an option to opt into marketing from the larger account. I’d suggest adding a button to this campaign that can add a profile property indicating this when a users clicks. After dynamically grouping these customers with the property, you can then group together in a segment and convert it into a list to upload to your other account. This way you are only sending marketing from users who are expecting to hear from you and explicitly opted in.


Exporting the data from one account to the other will be a very manual process, but here are helpful steps to execute this successfully!

  1. Export any email templates and flows that you'd like to keep.
  2. Export all of the Profiles from the smaller brander in order to import them into the new main account. In order to make sure you don't miss any Profiles, I would recommend exporting the profiles in two all-encompassing segments in the screenshot below. You will want to create the segment then export it as a CSV file. You can then import this CSV list into the main account you would like to use:


Active profile segment


Suppressed Profiles (
  1. When exporting these Segments, I would advise that you include any and all the data you would like to retain. By importing these Segments, you can ensure that no one in your account is missed and left behind. If you would like to import specific lists, then you will need to export and import each individual list you would like to keep in tact.
  2. Once all the contacts are imported into the correct account you would like to move forward with as your main account, you then will want to enable the integration from your smaller brand with your ecommerce platform in order to sync ecommerce data. Once properly integrated, you can initiate a historical sync of the integration and all event data captured on your ecommerce platform can then sync up with the smaller brand profiles now within your larger brand account based on their emails:

Once fully integrated and profiles have been imported, you can then disable and completely remove the integration within the secondary account you no longer would like to keep. This will prevent any new additional data from syncing over into this account. You can then either keep this secondary account as a back up or testing account, or completely delete it if you no longer wish to keep it


Hope this helps!