How To Resend Email Confirmations?

  • 6 November 2020
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Dear community,


I have an existing list of newsletter subscribers. In Germany, they only are officially subscribers if they confirm their subscription via a email confirmation.


2 questions:

  1. Could you please tell me how I can individually send a specific mail (in this case: Email Confirmation) to a list of email addresses? (Screenshot 1)
  2. How can I edit the text part at the bottom of the screenshot 2?



Thanks so much and best wishes,



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8 replies

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Does anybody understand the issue and can help me?

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Hi Marcel @sipcult

For your second question - you can edit those pages in the Subscribe and Preference pages tab! You can learn more about editing this in this article

If you are trying to resend a confirmation email to customers that subscribed to your newsletter but did not confirm their subscription (part of the double opt in process), you can resend them an email in two ways: 

  • From an individual profile’s personal Inbox
  • From the Recipient Activity view of a message

You can learn more about how to do each step in this article.
Please note that sending from Recipient Activity is the best way to capture a larger audience, and likely the most applicable for you in this case. You can resend for Flows or for Campaigns

However, if you want to resend a flow or campaign message for a certain recipient, first navigate to their Klaviyo profile. Next, navigate to their Messages inbox and find the email you wish to resend within either the Sent or Skipped tab. Click Resend.


Hope that’s helpful! 

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@cassy.lee it's not possible to manually (re)send the double opt-in confirmation message if I'm right. If there is a way to do so I'm all ears. The only way would be to have another flow trigger which sends an email with a signup to list action basically copying this link and re-triggering a signup. @sipcult this could be a workaround. Test before to make sure it works and if I remember correctly you can't re-trigger a double opt-in confirmation for the same list so you should create a separate list for that in Klaviyo. 

The only question which is left unanswered is it ok or best practice to resend double opt-ins? I do see cases where it makes sense so having 1 additional email as a reminder might work.



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Hi @cassy.lee I have the same question and have looked into your suggestions however it doesn’t actually seem possible to resend double opt-in confirmation emails. Has Klaviyo made any updates to allow this since?

I have done further reading and found the below guide. However, I have signed up, not confirmed and can’t see the blank profile as claimed?  

What Happens if Someone Does Not Confirm Subscription

If someone subscribes to a list via a Klaviyo signup form on your ecommerce site and the list is set to double opt-in, but fails to confirm this in the double opt-in message, Klaviyo creates a blank profile for this individual. That means that this contact is not added to a list and has no further information or activity listed on their profile other than the form’s general properties (such as first name, last name, email address, and phone number).


We need a fix because what if a customer really wanted to subscribe and couldn’t for whatever reasons they didn’t/couldn't confirm and we couldn't resend the confirmation email. We would also lose out on a customer. Is there a way to set up to send the confirmation email every time someone uses the sign-up form as this would be a solution?

Thanks! Michael

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Hi @cassy.lee, I wanted to chime in and say the same as @MNgo. I’ve actually been getting emails from people saying they aren’t getting what they signed up for and it’s because they didn’t complete the double opt-in. However, they can’t find it anymore so that they can complete it. There must be a way to send this to them again.

I created a segment of the group of people who haven’t done the double opt-in and I’d like to email the whole segment with a reminder, but it doesn’t seem worth it if they can’t even find the original opt-in confirmation and I am unable to send a new one.  

Any guidance to accomplish this?

Thank you,


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Hi @MNgo & @AllPetVoices,

Thank you for sharing this information with us.

Allow me to clear the air on this one! @MNgo, as long as the user is signing up through a Klaviyo sign-up form it will create a profile as the doc suggests. Can you confirm that your user was indeed using a Klaviyo form? You may also have to wait a few moments before the profile is created in Klaviyo after the sign-up form fill.

Additionally, upon form fill, the profile will contain a $source value (even if they didn’t yet confirm their subscription) that, by default, mirrors the name of the sign-up form itself. For example, if they sign-up through your Klaviyo sign-up form called “Just for you” the $source value on the profile will also be “Just for you” and it will be displayed under the custom properties section of the profile. 

$source = Just for you

If you segment off of this value, (Properties about someone > $source contains “name of sign-up form”) you can export and re-upload these users to the list they were trying to join initially. Just be mindful that uploading users to a list will trigger any list-triggered flow which uses that same list. So, for example, if you have a welcome series and this user has been sitting idle for a while in opt-in purgatory, you may want to consider temporarily pausing the flow (turning all flow messages to draft), complete the upload, wait 15-20 minutes and then resume the flow by turning the flow messages back to live mode. This part can be done within the flow under Manage Flow > Update All Action Statuses.

Moving forward, you could consider updating your list to single opt-in which would circumvent the “confirm your subscription requirement” altogether. If you still want to keep the double opt-in requirement, consider adding messaging to the success message of your sign-up form prompting users to check their spam/junk folders (which is one place where it may have ended up) and also to just generally check their inbox for a confirmation message!

I hope that information is helpful!

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Thanks @Dov. This gave me an idea, but I think my situation is a little different. I’m assuming there is no way to actually just resend the opt-in confirmation email. Would that be true?

For me, the people opting in are supposed to get a free checklist, but since they haven’t opted in (and I suspect spam/junk is to blame) they aren’t getting the checklist. I already turned off the double opt-in, but I have segmented the list of those who have not opted in down to a couple hundred who I want to be confirmed and get the list.

My understanding is that the only way for an imported list to get into a flow is to upload it with consent. I could try this, but since their profiles are already in Klaviyo, will Klaviyo know that they haven’t opted in still and not apply consent?

I was going to try to email the group a campaign with a link to confirm, but have not been able to figure out that code in order to do that. Would that be a possibility?

In the end, it seems like just being able to push an opt-in reminder would be a nice option!

Thank you,


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Hi @AllPetVoices,

Thanks for sharing these additional thoughts.

Yes you’re correct - there’s no way simply to resend the opt-in confirmation email but your point is noted!

On your other point - you won’t have an issue exporting and re-importing these users into a list to trigger a flow. Even if these users already exist in your Klaviyo account, if you export them and re-import them into a list that triggers a flow they will still pass through that flow. Klaviyo does log a form of $consent upon form fill.

You won’t be able to collect opt-in consent through a campaign email, however, alternatively, you may find it easier to simply send a campaign to this segment with the free checklist. It sounds like you have a flow email already prepared for this purpose? If that is indeed the case, you can save the flow email as a template and use it in your campaign send to this segment. 

I hope that is helpful!