How to translate the "Email marketing consent label" in the cart in woocommerce?

  • 22 April 2022
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I have a multilanguage shop on woocommerce, with translations running through WPML.

I have integrated Klaviyo to have the optional checkbox for signup in the cart, and I’ve customized the text for the CTA (Email marketing consent label). However, this text cannot be translated in woocommerce ( i tried stringtranslation and a couple extra translation plugins). That’s probably because it’s not been properly coded in the plugin to be translatable. 

Anyone else found a solution for this?



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Hi there @botanopia,

Thanks for posting to the Community! Would love to offer some insight on this.

Klaviyo does not currently have a built-in feature that automatically translates email content into different languages. However, if you want to configure email templates in a variety of languages, they will certainly be supported. Unfortunately, Klaviyo will not automatically detect language preference based on the language a customer was using on your website. We do automatically assign all contacts in your account an estimated location based on IP geolocation; while this is not a perfect science, despite being an industry standard, it will allow you to segment different sends based on this location if you want to infer language preference based on geographic location.


I believe if you are facing issues with WooCommerce and its interaction with certain plugins, this wouldn't be something that can be amended from within Klaviyo as this would be within the wooCommerce code. This may be something that WooCommerce support can answer so please reach out to them and let us know about any updates.


Thank you!

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Hi Alex, 
No I’m afraid you’re not understanding my question. 

The issue I have is with the Klaviyo plugin for woocommerce. Unfortunately, it is sloppily coded, which makes it untranslatable (as confirmed by your customer support team on chat). 

This means the call to action that appears on the cart page of my shop next to the checkbox “subscribe to the newsletter” can only appear in English. If customers who don’t speak English can’t read the call to action, they certainly won’t subscribe to it. 
Since Klaviyo charges based on the numbers of subscribers, you’d think it would be in your interest to make this a priority. However, I already requested this a year ago and still no fix has been made available. 
So no, it’s not an issue with other plugins, it’s an issue of not coding for accessibility, and assuming the entire world speaks English by default. Even more unfortunately, that’s only one of the translation compatibility issues with Klaviyo that is not being addressed.