how to use "active on site" with shopify / impulse theme &Dawn

  • 4 October 2023
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i tried all means on troubleshooting, but it doesn’t work at all on Impulse and Dawn theme.

Integrations is OK.

Active on Site is NO

Product view is NO.

I don’t know what to do.


Please give me any ideas or settings I should check.



Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 5 October 2023, 17:03

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Is it necessary for customer to sign up my site for getting “Active on Site” and “Viewed product” data ??

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Hi there @masa


Welcome to the Community, happy to help!


Yes, you will only see this data from profiles if they have subscribed to your marketing either through a signup form or at checkout. Klaviyo doesn’t track anonymous browser activity,  however, once they sign up, we will track all their activity like ‘Active on Site’, ‘Viewed product’, ‘Opened email’ etc. 


However, if you do have profiles who are signed up, but you can’t see their activity, I’d ensure you have this feature checked in your integration page setup in your Klaviyo account.

Additionally, I’d check out these resources to gain more insight! 


Hope this helps!