Klaviyo and Unbounce on the same domain


We have landing pages (on Unbounce) on


We want to send Klaviyo emails from the same domain, e.g.

Unbounce needs the CNAME to point to them to serve the website.

Klaviyo, says it needs the same but doesn’t actually serve anything on, it actually just needs MX records for


I understand DNS very well, which DNS entries do I need to manually setup for Klaviyo to work (given that the needs to point to Unbounce)


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Hi there @gert


Thanks for sharing your question with us! 


I’m going to tag in one of our experts in all things deliverability @retention to share his insights! @retention do you think you can hep clear up some of our peer’s questions here? 



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Thanks for the mention @Taylor Tarpley!

Hi @gert, just to be clear, are you trying to setup a branded sending domain for just or also (in addition to) 

I realize it’s an unbounce landing page, so I’ll assume its for the same brand - the unbounce sub-domain is created so that it can be hosted by unbounce. 

Normally, you would set the sending domain with a separate and unused subdomain (e.g. and then that will encompass the entire domain and subdomains as you see fit for both ( AND  So you actually don’t re-use your at all.  

See here:

Branded sending domain
This is the domain that will be used to send emails from Klaviyo and will appear in your email headers. It's important to note that the branded sending domain must have a unique, unused subdomain so not to interfere with any external email configurations on your root domain. The most commonly used subdomain name at Klaviyo is "send." Using the example above, Hello World's branded sending domain could be However, you can use any subdomain that is not already in use. 


Klaviyo’s documentation also suggests a few of these setup steps based on various scenarios here:

Does that help?