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  • 6 April 2022
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What’s happening?

What are these delays?

What are these mistakes?

I’ve been a fan of Klaviyo, but now I’m not.

I’ve been struggling to get the attention of Klaviyo’s support representatives.

It just takes too much time and effort. They just don’t give 💩 about you anymore.

They don’t read what you write and don’t take additional steps to get into your issue. 

They take the route that’s the easiest - reply with macros. Most of the time, that macro is nowhere close to helping resolve the issue. 

I do believe now’s a hard time for Klavio’s support due to bad time management or some other reason X, but it’s been like this for months now. 

The second issue is - compliance. The time is of essence when it comes down to deliverability. 

On Monday, I’ve sent a request to Klaviyo’s compliance team to reset our email sending domain so we could add a new one, since we’re transitioning to our new brand name. 

There was no response for over 24 hours.


Tried to connect with support for over an hour just to receive a message that they can’t help. 


After a few more hours,  some junior compliance representative named Chirag contacted me and assured me they’ve reset our domain. We went to check and it seems he have made a mistake and reset the domain for our other project (despite the fact that I’ve clearly named which one we needed to reset).

Since it was a late evening in our time zone, there was hardly anything I could do but just to watch how our revenue is going down. 

Now’s the third day of our request and we have yet not received any help with this. No, not receiving help is understatement - our work was sabotaged by some random compliance representative who’s incapable to read. 

Despite the fact that I appreciate Klaviyo’s platform due to its simplicity and performance balance, if this will continue to happen, I’m afraid I’ll have to persuade my clients to move their projects somewhere else. 



3 replies

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Hi @moodxmanager

Thank you for sharing your idea about having more self-serve options. I am passing it along to our Deliverability and Compliance team. Again, very sorry for the negative experience that you had. I hope you have a nice weekend.


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Yes, we finally managed to setup a new dedicated domain.

Nonetheless, processes such as new domain setup should take a lot less time that it currently does. One thing worth mentioning is that there could be an option for X clients who have performed Y actions to be able to reset/remove/add their own domains whenever they want to. 

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Hi @moodxmanager,

Thank you for joining our Community and for sharing your feedback. I first want to apologize for the disruption that you experienced. I know that any challenges of this nature can have a major impact. I am very sorry that this occurred. 


I did check on the status of the Support ticket you had submitted and it appears to be resolved so that is the good news, but I understand the frustration you experienced from a delay and a miscommunication. We are always looking for ways to improve our processes and it is clear that we didn’t get it right this time.


We appreciate you taking the time to share your experience with us. I have shared this with others on the team so that this doesn’t occur again in the future. Please let us know if there is any other way that we can assist at this time.