Klaviyo email subscription auto-upgrade question

  • 5 September 2022
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Hi Community! 


I have another question. I’ve been reading about how Klaviyo charges for each plan, but I just can’t understand it correctly. 


My account is set up for auto-upgrade, and right now I’ve exceeded my active profile limits. What does this mean? Or what should I expect in terms of my next payment? 


The only information I see on my account is that my current plan will have a higher price due to recent updates in Klaviyo pricing. That I get it, but this new price still shows the same amount of profiles and emails I currently have, so I’m still worried if I’ll have to pay more since I have more active profiles than the ones on my plan.

I’m so confused because I read that Klaviyo will never upgrade my plan (even if I have the auto-upgrade?), but prevent me for sending an email blast that counts more profiles that my plan allows, is this true?

Hope you can help me because I really need help with this :( 



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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline, I believe auto-upgrade will update your plan if you have it turned on. 


Looking at my account, I have progressed to higher levels and don’t remember having to give permission.  Where did you read that it will never upgrade your plan with auto upgrade turned on?



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@Mailbox Manny 

That’s the reason why I’m confused, because since July I’ve surpassed my limit of active profiles, and they didn’t charge me more. Important to say that I’ve never reached my limit of emails available, just profiles. Idk if this is going to change. 



I reviewed answers to other questions posted here in the community and that’s where I understood they won’t auto-upgrade: 


I also checked here:


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Adding @alex.hong to the convo. 


Alex, I thought auto upgrade will automatically bill for a higher tier when needed (without Klaviyo requiring extra permission from the account holder).  Is that true?


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Hi @Lorena Jaqueline you’re correct that we won’t make any changes to your billing manually. But if you do select the auto-upgrade function, then of course you are giving permissions for your billing to be changed to avoid hitting your profile and SMS credit limits so that you continue sending campaign and flow messages. I’d recommend this article too for additional billing questions.

So yes you are correct @Mailbox Manny . I think the confusion here is in the wording taken out of context when the discussion was originally about manual billing.




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Ok ok! I got that thanks @alex.hong 

But, I still have a question. This upgrade when does it apply? Do I have to exceed the limit in both active users and available emails, or only in one of them?


Because right now I already exceeded my limit of active profiles, but in my account I don’t see that I’ll be having more of them on the next billing cycle: 

That’s why I’m so confused. I already checked the document you shared, but I can’t find the answer I’m looking for :c