Klaviyo is asking me to setup and integrate with shopify again

  • 2 February 2022
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When I logged onto klaviyo, it acted as if I did not set up my account yet.  I have been a paying customer of Klaviyo for over a year.  The prompt was to run the integration with my shopify store, which I have already done.  I did not run the integration again for fear of losing everything I have set up in my klaviyo account in the past 15 months.

And since the system does not recognize me as a paying customer, I can not access Chat.  VERY ANNOYING!!! I need to access my account immediately.  I did submit an email, but no response yet.  Argh….

Anyone have ideas?


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Hi @eilmcg - welcome to the community!

For what it’s worth, I’ve seen the prompt to re-integrate Klaviyo with Shopify when someone (another Shopify account user, perhaps?) accidentally creates a new account in Klaviyo via Klaviyo’s Shopify App. 

It sometimes happens because people browse the Apps they have installed in Shopify and want to log into Klaviyo but inadvertently sets up or starts a new Klaviyo account and leaves Shopify connected to a brand new Klaviyo Account. Or, they try to log into Klaviyo (from within Shopify) because its habitual process to access Apps from within Shopify (it’s often how you log into other Shopify apps). 

Here’s a few troubleshooting tips to try:

First, try logging into Klaviyo directly from (and not within Shopify) with your email/password login credentials. Look in the upper right corner to see if you have multiple Klaviyo Accounts and switch to the correct account in Klaviyo.  See this example from Klaviyo’s documentation: About Multi-Account User Privileges on how to switch Klaviyo accounts (if you indeed have more than one).


Next, if you see only one account, make sure you’re in the “correct” account.  Go to your Account Settings → API Keys and take note of your Site ID (Public API Key).  It should look something like this (I blurred out my ID but it’s where the red box would be):


Then, go to the website, and right-click and select View Page Source (on Chrome Browser).  It might vary if you use another browser, but it should be similar.  It should open up a window with the HTML source code of your site.  Don’t worry, this is as technical as it get in case this looks overwhelming.

Do a search for company_id in the source code window.  On Macs its  CMD + f , and on Windows  CTRL + f  just like you would normally do to search for text in the browser.  You should see something like this where the red box should have the ID that matches from your account:


If the Site ID doesn’t match what you have from the first step, or for some reason you have multiple company_id with different Site IDs, your site might have integrated to more than one Klaviyo Account or the wrong Account.  


@David To has a step-by-step from this post on how to remove an unwanted Klaviyo account:

To resolve this, I would suggest logging into the Klaviyo account you accidentally created and take the following actions to fully remove all codes pertaining to this accidentally connected Klaviyo account to your website:

1. Completely remove (not Disable) the integration in Klaviyo
2. Log out of your Klaviyo account
3. Log back into your Klaviyo account via an incognito window
4. Re-add integration from the All Integrations tab

Once removed, I would then recommend cancelling the accidentally created accounts per the instructions found in the How to Cancel Your Klaviyo Account Help Center article. You can also find several Community posts on this similar topic which I think may prove helpful to read up on which i’ve linked below:


Last note, if you are still having problems, this is one of those questions that might warrant a support ticket or chat as they might be very specific to your Klaviyo account and account access issues.  

Hope this helps!