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  • 8 September 2022
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I’m trying to log in to Klaviyo and I keep receiving a 403 error. This isn’t happening with a particular subaccount (I have several); it happens when I go to Klaviyo itself. I’ve contacted Klaviyo Support but haven’t heard back for 2 hours. I’ve tried restarting my machine, clearing my cache, incognito mode, nothing is working.

Is anyone else having this problem?


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4 replies

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Hey @ajohns,

I don’t see any elevated reports regarding users having login issues. You can always check for any public incidents on our Klaviyo Status page

Glad to hear you’ve taken some common steps to alleviate this issue such as clearing your cache, restarting your computer, etc. Outside of those common solutions, I would further suggest double checking either your network settings and any ad-blockers or anti-viral software you may be using. 

In my experience, sometimes if you were connecting to a work VPN or your company network, they may have some additional network blockers that may be preventing you from fully accessing Klaviyo - which in turn results in you reaching a 403 page. The same can be said for some overly aggressive anti-viral software or certain browser extensions.

I hope this helps!


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I was able to solve this in the most interesting way. Someone re-sent me a sub-account invite, which I clicked on; after that Klaviyo was working normally. Not sure how that happened but I’ve been able to work in Klaviyo ever since without any issues.

Thanks David!

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Hey @ajohns,

To me, it sounds like your permissions may have been accidentally changed and you may have been trying to access a page which your permissions did not allow. Although rare, I’ve seen this occur in small instances! 

Overall, glad to hear you’ve regained access to your account!


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ry These Techniques to Solve Your 403 Forbidden Error
Right-click on the file then tap 'Download' to make a backup.
Delete the file.
Try to access your site — if you can get into it, it's safe to say that the file was corrupted.
If you want to make a new . 
Tap the 'Save Changes' button without making changes.



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