Klaviyo Product Certificate - Referred to as 'holder' rather than my name

  • 19 October 2023
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Hi everyone, I looked around for a solution but haven’t found one so I am posted here. 

I completed the Klaviyo product and I can’t wait to apply my knowledge to my work. My issue is that the certificate does not mention my name at all, meaning that there’s no way I can really “prove” that the certificate belongs to me.

As suggested in a similar post, I have ensured that my Klaviyo account’s contact information details are set to my actual name.

For reference, the certificate states: “This certificate recognises the holder as have completed all requirements for the Klaviyo product certificate.” There is also my certificate number and validity period.

Thank you all. 


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Hi @Bar.Sea 

Thank you for your post on the Klaviyo Community!

I believe this is how these certificates are presented. I too have a few certificates where the content of the body refers to me as the ‘Holder’ and is not personalized.

I don’t think this is anything you are doing wrong 🙂