Klaviyo settings not showing properly on mobile. how to fix it?

  • 16 August 2023
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As you can see I can't access few of the buttons on the right side of the website through mobile. I tried to swipe but it won't move. It's only happens when I'm in the settings page. In homepage you can easily swipe to the right and see everything.



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Hi @Shifat27 ,

I have never actually tried to login to Klaviyo on mobile before today - so thank you for introducing me to that experience! 

I am seeing the same thing you are when on mobile in the Settings tabs for my account. Strange that on the other pages I can scroll left and right but not on these pages. I tried to rotate my screen to landscape, and while I was able to see more content that way, I still couldn’t swipe left or right on these tabs.

For the best experience, I always recommend accessing Klaviyo from desktop, but it seems this may be a temporary glitch on mobile. 


-- Ashley Ismailovski


Hello @Ashley I. 


I did try the landscape mode it doesn't work. I hope they fix this issue. Cause I only access klaviyo with mobile.

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Hi @Shifat27


Thanks for sharing this feedback with us and @Ashley I. for helping to troubleshoot!


Although you can’t see the ‘Settings’ tab in the bottom left tab as you would on your desktop, and as @Ashley I. mentioned, our UI functions best on desktop, you can navigate to your Setting by clicking the ‘Account plans’ tab. This will lead you to your Settings page! However, I will give this feedback to our product team.


Hope this helps!



Hi @Taylor Tarpley 

Thanks for your answer.

Hope the product team fix the scrolling issue in settings page.