Links redirecting some users to a 404 Page

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  • Hi,

    I’ve been having an issue with Klaviyo for some weeks now.
    I will let you know the issue and then troubleshoots I’ve already done.

    CMS Used: Shopify. Theme: Latest Version, Shopify 2.0
    Problem: I’m creating and launching a campaign to my audience list. When people are clicking on the links, some of them are landing to a 404 page. Most are not. But it’s like 25% would be on the 404 page.
    The page people are landing would look like: /collections/shirt/products/Y292ZXItY2 It’s the end that is interesting because for people who know Shopify, products pages don’t end like that.
    Of course I tripled checked the email, and all the links are correct. When I sent preview to myself or other people, it’s working.
    So overall, my issue is random.

    What I did to troubleshoot:
    - i’ve sent this morning another campaign, to a segment of my audience with Mailchimp. I hadn’t that issue. I used Mailchimp to test if the issue was from Klaviyo or Shopify. 
    - I don’t have the issue with my ads.
    - i’m seeing the 404 only when the campaign is sent by Klaviyo
    - I checked the settings and they’re the same than other accounts i’m using for other shops, where I don’t see the issue. 

    Do you have any idea where it can come from?

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Hey Alex,

I hope you’re doing well ?

It might be the Klaviyo’s email-to-web tracking. Here’s a Klaviyo article to disable the tracking. 

Or do you use a dynamic link in your campaigns ? 

Feel free to send me a private message to schedule a call if you need help or want to optimize your Klaviyo account


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Hi @Alex75,

First thing to do here is do a good troubleshoot. Since you'd be able to preview the emails before sending them out you should be able to generate the links. It might be useful to check the profiles of these email addresses specifically when creating previews. You can do so by choosing this option as shown below in the screenshot.

Another thing I've found, and a reason why we don't use the Klaviyo mobile/desktop toggles for block in the klaviyo email builder is that sometimes an "old” or different block is used for the mobile version than the desktop version which breaks the email.

That random code seems like a variable to me, does not look like a tracking link. Do you use dynamic product blocks in emails or something that could make the email links be different?



Hope any of these tips help!


Omar Lovert

Polaris Growth