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  • 20 March 2024
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Do any of you know, if you can create a segment catching profiles (bots) - that use the same first and last name (bonner bonner or rease rease as an example).

We’re being list bombed, and I have removed a lot of the fake profiles by creating a segment where profiles with numbers in their first and last name are being caught - but we have A LOT where the same first and last name are being used.

I have of course activated Double Opt-In for our newsletter, but what else can I do?

Thank you in advance.


Best answer by Bobi N. 21 March 2024, 09:29

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2 replies

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Hi there @Beautybym


In addition to @Bobi N.’s great suggestions, I do want to share that our team has been made aware of this uptick in bot list bombing and is working on a solution to help prevent this from happening in the future! 




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So there are 3 things that I can suggest of which you already did one..

  • Double opt-in (you said you already did this)
  • Second option is to add captcha to your sign up forms (this may require a developer)
  • Segmentations and filters in Klaviyo.. the only problem for this is you can maybe do it only after it happens. So fi you notice for example many accounts as you say with firs name and last name that are same rease rease.
    • So once you find a pattern in the potential spam emails you can create exclusion segment for the campaigns (and even better if you suppressed them not just exclude them)
    • And then you can add flow filter to be safe for the flows
    • Both the segment and the flow filters in this specific case would be first name is rease AND last name is rease, or examples we had in the past we notice that many spam emails are coming from same domain so then the definition in that case would be properties about someone email contains