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  • 22 August 2021
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I am in the paid plan but customer support live chat is not working. I sent mails to support countless times but nobody is replying. Very poor customer service. Because of the issue I cannot resolve with the customer service, I cannot automate my flows. I am in the paid plan but cannot use the granted features. Please solve it.

8 replies

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Hi @Berke ,

Apologies to hear about your recent interaction regarding live chat and support. I understand it may be frustrating to be in a situation where you need on-demand assistance but are unable to reach it. Trust me I’ve been in that situation plenty of times as well in other areas in my life. 

Klaviyo’s Live Chat is available Monday - Thursday, 9AM - 5PM EST, and 9AM - 4PM EST on Fridays. Additionally you do still have the option of contacting out email support team which operates between 6am - 10 pm EST on weekdays and 10am - 4pm EST on weekends. You can learn more about contacting support here. Hopefully, you can reach our great support team at those times. 

There is also the option to connect with other Klaviyo Community members to learn, grow, and further discuss best practices at any time of day!

In the meantime, here are some documentations regarding flows and automations!

Getting Started with Flows

Guide to Flow Branching

Hope this helped and thanks for posting to the Community!


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@alex.hong I’m with @Berke on this one. We have a major launch scheduled for tomorrow and we need immediate help with some issues we’re having with our flows, and Klaviyo support is nowhere to be found. We’re based in mountain time and it’s only 4:00 PM here. Having chat only available from 9am-5pm EST isn’t going to cut it. By the time we hit 3PM our time, customer service is already closed for the day, which is often times when we need it the most. And for customers who are on Pacific time such as California, Nevada, Oregon etc. they have until 2 PM to reach out to Klaviyo customer support chat before they’re cut off. This is a serious problem that needs to be fixed. 

We’re paying customers who rely on your software to help run our businesses. Even MailChimp offers 24 hour customer support, in multiple languages. 

I’m a long time Klaviyo user and I love all of its powerful capabilities. But your customer service game is in serious need of an overhaul. Plain and simple. 

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Thank you for your message and voicing your concerns.

I would like to bring to light that although there are no live chat agents on from specific times, we at Klaviyo offer a variety of resources and methods to getting support.

From our Contact Support documentation, we list out some initial guidance can be found from due diligence on the Help Center. If not, our quick responsive support team through email conversations is available as well. As our teams are across the United States, we actually have support coverage in the West for example even if it is 2pm. I would recommend you utilizing our great Support team as well and writing in problems you face.

If not, there is also the Community in which you can post questions or comments (like you have greatly utilized already) so that our teams or other Community members can offer insight into your questions.

I will raise your concerns with the respective team members as well.

Thank you,


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Hi @alex.hong

Thank you so much for your reply. I really do appreciate it. 

The Help Center is helpful and has honestly answered a TON of my questions or whenever I’ve hit a roadblock, it has been a fantastic resource. Truly. I also have no problem reaching out via email when there is a low-level priority issue. 

However, on the rare occasion I have a more urgent problem, it would be nice to be able to reach a live person during regular business hours at the very least. Today, when I clicked “Start Chat” on the Klaviyo support page, nothing happened. It also says right above the “Start Chat” button, that chat support is available weekdays from 9am to 5pm EDT specifically. And upon further investigation, Fridays are up until 4pm EDT. So naturally, I assumed when I clicked on “Start Chat” (with multiple attempts), and nothing happened, that Klaviyo chat support was closed… at 3pm MST and 2pm PST, which is still well into the workday for half the country. Literally. 

I’ve seen this mentioned in other parts of this community and it honestly would be SO helpful and is very much needed.  

The fact that Klaviyo has so many advanced features and is so powerful yet lacks basic live customer support during regular business hours for its paying customers is mind blowing to me. Like I said in my above comment, even Mailchimp has 24-hour customer support. And I’m not even looking for that. Even 9am-7pm EDT would be semi-reasonable. I would expect that at the very least. 

My point is, this affects real people who have real businesses that they depend on their living from. And when an issue arises that they can’t get resolved by utilizing other help resources in the hour it matters, it’s beyond disappointing. That’s all I’m saying. 

I appreciate you raising my concerns with your team members as well. I love Klaviyo and using all of the wonderful features that we have at our fingertips. And offering a better customer support service is truly what your customers deserve. 





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Hi there @IGNIGHT,

Thanks for voicing your opinion and leaving us some well written comments. I will continue to push the feedback from Community members like you to our teams so we can continue to evolve our platform.

Global support is a goal of Klaviyo's, however at this time we're still a growing business. With a growing business comes allocation of available resources and time. Thank you for your patience.



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Your chat is still having major techincal issues. Like right now, we have pushed “Get in Touch with Support” and the loading dots are just blinking for minutes without anything happens.

When we reload the page and start over we get “Please keep this chat open until an agent joins and ensure that your device's sound is not muted. You will receive a sound notification once a Product Expert is available to chat with you. You will receive a copy of the chat transcript by email as soon as the chat ends.”. 

We wait like 5-10 minutes and nothing happens. And when we write something in the chat it says the same time as when we started the chat even that we have waited like 10 minutes. 

Just fix this please it’s not the first time it happens. And yes, we have tried it on 6 computers at the office, removed the cache/cookies and such. We have even chated with another service during the time.


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Hi @Sebbe888 ,

I see my colleague responded in a post you have created here:


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Step 1: Authenticate LiveChat and Klaviyo.

Step 2: Pick one of the apps as a trigger, which will kick off your automation.

Step 3: Choose a resulting action from the other app.

Step 4: Select the data you want to send from one app to the other.

That’s it! More time to work on other things.



Rachel Gomez