Logging into Klaviyo from Shopify

  • 10 August 2021
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Hello everybody,

I’ve recently installed Klaviyo in my shopify store and there weren’t any problem.

But now I don’t know why every time I click on the app to enter, it doesn’t function, there is no new tab for Klaviyo, so the only thing i can do is to open a new tab on google and tap “Klaviyo”, which is a bit annoying.

Does anyone have ever got the same issue and be able to help me to fix it ?




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Hello @yann,

Welcome to Klaviyo! 

Do you happen to be launching the Klaviyo app from the Shopify store? If so, instead of launching the Klaviyo app to access Klaviyo this way, I would suggest navigating to and logging in from the top right portal. 

You’ll want to log in directly from the Klaviyo site, as the Klaviyo app found in the Shopify store is typically used just the first time to launch, connect, and integrate your designated Shopify store with Klaviyo. Repeated access of Klaviyo from the Shopify store has been known to cause customers to inadvertently create new Klaviyo accounts all integrated to the same Shopify account. This can cause further issues such as profiles/contacts being mis-attributed, signup forms not publishing/displaying correctly on your website, etc.

I’ve also mentioned this in a similar Community post which I’ve linked below:

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