MFA for a Company-Wide Account?

  • 11 January 2023
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We’re a digital marketing company with access to several different client Klaviyo accounts. One of our clients wants MFA enabled, so in order to log into our company account, we need a OTP from the Authenticator app. 

The problem is that only one person seems to be able to use the Authenticator app for our account. This means any time one of us needs to get into the account, we have to find the guy who has the app and ask him for the code. And the days he’s not here are days we can’t service our clients. 

We have a company Google Voice account specifically to get OTPs, so that anyone in the company can log into our accounts. However, I don’t see any options to use text message OTPs.

  • How can we make it so anyone who has access to our company’s Google accounts be able to receive the OTP (in any form)? In other words, how do we structure this so that everyone on the team can log in, instead of just one person? 
  • If this is not possible, I need to know so I can explain to my boss and our clients on why we have to disable MFA. 

And finally, I’d love to hear about how other digital marketing companies address this issue. We can’t be the only marketing company managing several client accounts, right? 


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2 replies

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Hi @Quiet Owl,

Thanks for sharing this question with us.

Have you considered using a password vault i.e. 1Password or Bitwarden and sharing the record across your team? These are tools that can replace Google Authenticator as the provider for the OTP code.


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Klaviyo’s login system is nothing short of a disgrace from an agency perspective.

Repeated logouts with no warning, the single worst 2FA implementation I have ever seen and absolutely no consideration or assistance given to the agency situation. (If you want a how-to on agency access, look at how Shopify does it and copy).

It’s so frustrating that such an otherwise excellent platform is so totally lacking in these basics.