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  • 1 August 2023
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I have a client who currently has two brands, two separate websites and two Klaviyo accounts for these brands. However, they plan on having only one website for both their brand, and even add a third one. Every brand will keep it’s identity, name and visual assets, but they will be on the same website.

Our preference would be to keep different Klaviyo accounts so that every brand has his own sender name, sender address, assets and everything. We could however hop from an account to the other like we do in our agency, from one client account to another. 

However, is it possible to have multiple accounts with only one website? I’ve seen topics with the opposite question, like having multiple shops for only one Klaviyo account, but nothing exactly like my question. 

Thank you so much!


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Hi @RosieClem, welcome to the community.

In most cases, you need a one-to-one platform/storefront to Klaviyo ratio.  The reason is, all the unique behavior data of the platform will be sent to a Klaviyo account so you can do the complex segmentations and Flow triggers properly.  Klaviyo ingests not just the customer and email addresses, but also all their behaviors (like visits, purchases, etc) - so they need to be properly separated to avoid duplication or ambiguity. 

Having said that, there are some platforms where you can programmatically configure it to behave like multiple storefronts (even though there’s only one backend store) - and you can map each “view” of the store to an entirely different set of integrations (e.g. a separate Klaviyo account for each).  However these are more complex store setups and often requires custom development. 

What platform is your client using? Or, is it a custom platform?

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Thank you for your answer!


It’s gonna be a Shopify so I don’t think it’ll be very complex or custom. I believe they want each brand to have their landings, collections and products, but all on the same website. 

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I agree with @retention and for email programs also, from deliverability perspective, it’s not advisable to confuse the audience since one sending domain will be used to serve email content from different business entities. Keeping both brands on one website doesn’t make any sense to me. What’s the rationale behind this?

My suggestion would be - have a separate website for each business entity with respective Klaviyo accounts and sending domains setup to keep messaging unique for each brand to avoid challenges in managing segmentation and tracking from campaigns.



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Hi @inboxingmaestro and @retention

Sorry, I forgot to answer! :s Thanks again for your help!

So I got more details on the client. What were originally three different brands will now act more like collections, lines, or ranges within the store. They will keep their respective voice and ambiance, but they will be indexed one one website, so one domain.

I think we’ll have to do only one Klaviyo accounts and segment the contacts based on their interest on one or many collections.

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That makes sense, @RosieClem! You can have now one sending domain, authenticate it properly, warmup it up and build reputation with both your audience and mailbox providers.

Follow a better segmentation, tagging and personalisation strategy to keep messaging clear and also ensure you are able to leverage utm tagging as well to categorically monitor respective entities within one brand.

Hope that makes sense.



P.S: If you have further doubts or need help with regards to establishing reputation and deliverability, feel free to reach out.

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Hi! @inboxingmaestro 

Thank you so much! :) 


One last thing: can I keep one of the existing Klaviyo accounts (the one who’s domain name will remain the same) and merge the other one in it, or should I create a brand new account?

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Hi again @inboxingmaestro and @retention


Sorry to bother you with this again, but do you have an advice on my previous question?


Should we create a new Klaviyo account, or can we keep the one already associated with the domain that we will keep?


Thank you so much!

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Hi @RosieClem 

Sorry! Missed responding back to you.

So, it totally depends on your business requirements and how you’d like to manage and run your email programs if you have right resources to make campaign processes easier.

If it makes your job simpler to keep everything under one Klaviyo account; and, you can flow right profile attributes and Shopify events (native and custom), easily tag and do better segmentation to identify profiles basis their intent, purchase and engagement behaviour and so on… then go for it!

Otherwise, have multiple Klaviyo accounts and keep messaging on separate sender domains to manage your email programs better.

Let me know if it makes sense or still got questions.