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  • 27 April 2024
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My client has two domains/sites on woocommerce let’s say as the primary one for the canadian customers and for other international ones…

We have integrated Klaviyo and created a signup form but it’s only showing on canadian websites.. There are alot of other issues as well with managing multiple domains.. Like do we need to create a seperate account for both stores and if yes how because the klaviyo plugin is only one on woocommerce or both websites will have their seperate plugins on woocommerce?? How does this work and is there any easy way around it??  and why is this simple thing so complex


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Hi @Usman_abdullah71,

Welcome to the Klaviyo community. 

My recommendation in this case would be to have different Klaviyo accounts for the Canadian store and one for the international customers. This would allow you to have targeted sign up forms and all pricing will feed in correctly from each of the accounts. Each WooCommerce storefront would have it’s own plugin.

You are able to clone forms, flows, segments, campaigns and templates between different Klaviyo accounts.

I’ll share a few resources here:

How to create and manage multiple accounts
How to clone forms, flows, segments, campaigns & templates
Getting Started with WooCommerce

I hope that helps - let me know if you have any specific questions.


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@Usman_abdullah71 I wanted to send a quick follow up on this too - with the newly announced Klaviyo Portfolio, managing multiple accounts for one merchant is easier than ever!

More information in this post: