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  • 27 January 2022
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My account has been disabled with no explanation as to why. We've been using Klaviyo for 3 years. Can I get some help, please


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Hi there @ramiro,

Typically, an account becomes disabled pending a manual review by a member of our Deliverability and Compliance team members. Your account may have been flagged for some reason but we are unable to view that information within the Community. Nor should we disclose private account information on this forum. The turnaround time takes an estimate of 24-48 hours but can take longer barring if there were more steps our team needs to take to review and verify your account. You can learn more about Klaviyo’s manual review process through the About Account Verification Help Center article.

If you ever have any questions surrounding your account and why it is disabled, I suggest following-up in the email thread sent to you by our Compliance team or reaching out to our Support Team. Our colleagues on that team are best suited to help working with you and provide you further details in the steps needed to reactivating your account.

All the best,


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My account was disabled and I have done everything requested by Klaviyo, cleaned my list etc and still nothing. I have reached out to them about 10 times now through the support tickets, chat and email and keep receiving either no reply or the same automated email telling me to clean my list which I have already done.

It’s been two weeks and my account is still disabled and I still have no information on how long it will be this way or what else they want me to do to unblock it. Meanwhile they’re still charging me $85 a month for terrible service and a product I cant use.


How long was it blocked for? Is there a way to get some help from anyone in this company?

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Hey there @SBESIM80,

We understand your concern and apologize if there had been some delay with communicating with the respective teams. 

Upon further individual investigation, it looks like you have been in contact several times with our Compliance team. If you’ve taken the requested actions and followed the recommended guidance, I would suggest responding directly to our Compliance team to confirm you have followed up and taken next steps. 

I noticed that my colleague also responded to your post here as well:

Please refer to that for guidance and have a good day.


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I have responded to every single email you sent me and opened multiple support tickets and every single time received the same automated email telling me to clean my list (which I had done and every single email I sent also stated this was done). I have attached my emails for your colleague and there are NINE in total all of which confirm I have done as requested and qsk for next steps, to which I received 3 automated replies.

In addition there are the support tickets I also opened up. 

Saying that you’ve contacted me when every email was the exact same and fails so answer any questions I asked hardly counts. I do see multiple people on here with similar issues around support though.


Thank you 

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Hi there @SBESIM80,

Apologies for the inconvenience you’ve been experiencing with the Support team. 

I’ve seen that there was some prior communication between you and the support team with tickets being open and I do see that colleagues from that team have responded to you. I would advise looking for your conversations with the Compliance team in your email to see their guidance and advice.

I also noticed you received a response in the previously linked post.