My account is disabled for manual review

  • 31 March 2021
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Hi, my account has been disabled 27th March, today is 31st. I have received an e-mail from Klaviyo that said that they had to do a manual review of my shopify web site and they asked me the password to log in. I believe I had the password enabled in the store, but now I have removed it. They didn’t say anything more, please help me. My account is still disabled.


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2 replies

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They doing their awesome work. You should provide them what they asked for. If possible contact again that you disable the password.

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Hi @Edo1908 


I would definitely suggest replying to the original ticket/email thread with the answers to the compliance questions to get things moving. I’m linking this help doc that walks through our verification check and why this is required for new accounts. Klaviyo maintains our quality email sending infrastructure by actively monitoring all sending across our platform. For new accounts, we conduct an initial verification check to ensure our infrastructure stays in good standing.

I hope this helps!