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  • 16 June 2021
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We were unfortunately hacked over the weekend and they got into our Kalviyo account and sent our a spam email to our customers. We took all of the necessary steps to secure and update our account, we even spoke with someone through Klaviyo chat when we still had access to our account to make sure we were OK to move forward!!!

We have two administrators on our account and we have BOTH reached out to Klaviyo support, contacted Shopify to see if we could get help, called the sales department at Klaviyo, read the articles, so on and so forth and have recieved ZERO help.

The only responses we have been given have been from the support email saying to clean up our email lists and to set up 2-step verification, which we had done before we were locked out but again we’re LOCKED OUT and can’t do any of these steps even if we wanted to.

This is the worst customer service we have ever experienced. We’re just a small business trying to make our sales like everyone else here and we spend a good amount with Klaviyo to go ignored.


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Hello @pinktulip,

I am very sorry to hear about your experience. I completely understand your frustration and I apologize for the trouble so far.

There has been a ticket assigned to the Compliance department and they will follow-up with you with next steps.

Thanks for your patience and have a wonderful rest of your day.


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Sorry you are going through this as I am also going through this as of 2 weeks ago.  Has been a nightmare and at a time when I’ve needed customer service the most, I have found the least bit of assistance other than being forwarded links to articles and instructions that don’t address my issues with attempting to re-establish everything after a hacking.  Beyond frustrating and completely rethinking my choice of using this App due to lack of support. Best of luck to you and I’m hoping you are able to find a resolution soon.  As for me, I’m still trying and don’t seem to be getting anywhere with Klaviyo. 

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Hello @MyBoxOfSerenity,

I want to apologize for the experience you are having in trying to re-establish your account after it was compromised by a malicious actor. 

With any compromised accounts or incidents pertaining to one’s account, a member of our Compliance team will work personally with you to regain access to the account. After reviewing the interactions between yourself and our Compliance team I was happy to see that any further damages to your account have been prevented. I was also glad to see that one of the automated suggested articles was able to provide you an answer to a question you had pertaining to signup forms.

If your issue is still ongoing, I would recommend following up with the email from the Compliance team member assigned to your case who can best work with you to re-establish your account as quickly as possible.

As a reminder, if you haven’t already, we highly recommend enabling two-factor authentication within your account. Two-step authentication adds an additional layer of security for your account. This protects against password guessing and phishing attacks, and is a general security best practice. 

I hope this helps. Have a great day!


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We are having the same experience. This company has the worst customer service I’ve ever experienced.

My account was disabled and I have done everything requested by Klaviyo, cleaned my list etc and still nothing. I have reached out to them about 10 times now through the support tickets, chat and email and keep receiving either no reply or the same automated email telling me to clean my list which I have already done.

It’s been two weeks and my account is still disabled and I still have no information on how long it will be this way or what else they want me to do to unblock it. Meanwhile they’re still charging me $85 a month for terrible service and a product I cant use.

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Hello @SBESIM80,

Sorry to hear about your negative experience.

I’ve noticed that you commented on another Community post sharing the same sentiment which I’ve responded to recently. I would recommend taking a look at my response in the Community post below:

Have a great day!