Soooo I have a problem. I really need your help. I use the MonsterUpsell cart app. And it’s really been amazing. But now that I want to move forward and build my email list with discount codes, or maybe start a loyalty program with discount codes, I am not able to do that at all with MonsterUpsells. This app has been incredible but now that I want to start to do some things with discount codes, I can’t do a single thing. 

Please share with me what cart upsell app you are using that is compatible with discount codes I generate in shopify? My current cart offers discounts for multiple items bought and shows frequently bought together. I’ve searched and none of the cart upsell apps really specify if they do allow it. 

PLEASE HELP! Thanks so much. 


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Hey, no worries! I can understand how frustrating it can be when an app you've been relying on falls short. Let's see if we can find a good alternative for you.

There are quite a few cart upsell apps on Shopify that claim to work with discount codes. Here are a few that you could check out:

  • Cartix Cart Discount + Upsell: This app not only offers cart upsells but also applies discount codes right in the cart.

  • Free Gifts BOGO Cart Upsell: This app from Sortecom seems to be highly rated and offers various upsell and discount features.

  • Selleasy - Upsell and Cross sell: Selleasy claims to work with Shopify's native discount code system and...


So I tried all of these. Sell easy was the best for setup but the widget are just terrible looking. They look like a graph and are very unappealing. I also looked into 3 other apps not on this list. None work. Am I going absolutely crazy? Why would these apps take away the ability for the seller to offer discount codes to customers via email/sms?? If I have a new email subscriber for example, I could include a shopify discount code for their next purchase that improves return rate. Also I might want to start a loyalty program that would promote brand awareness and loyalty but i can’t offer a discount code in the email?? This is madness. So I am still on the hunt for an app that can offer cart discounts for multiple items sold AND a shopify discount code can be stacked on top of those cart discounts. Very frustrating.