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  • 16 February 2022
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Hi Alex here,

I just wanted to ask that I've to warmup a new domain with 0 person subscribe an email my list I've to run some ads for this purpose but my products are highly related to it products like(cisco routers, Nvidia graphic cards, Apple solid state Hard Drive  etc.) so how I'll warm up this domain. we’ve found a tool called lemlist is it help full for email warmup we are a drop shipping brand and using klaviyo for email marketing looking for your help.

thank you



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2 replies

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Start with some high engagement flows like the welcome series and the abandoned cart… the domain will get warmed as people open and click in the emails.

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Hi there @Alex A21,

Welcome to the Community! Great question regarding warming up a new domain and happy to share some resources!

First, I suggest following our Help Center doc regarding the guide to warming up your sending infrastructure. This will likely help with guidance on your question and where to go. I am not too familiar with lemlist but we are indeed a good source for email marketing needs.

Additionally, here are some community posts related to warming: