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  • 21 March 2024
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We keep receiving messages from Klaviyo that we need to do the following steps;

  • Branded Sending Domain
  • Aligned Domain
  • DMARC Setup

I had asked our IT support company to look into it for us February and the response I go was 

It's slightly misleading because it makes it sound like you must setup branded sending domains when you are sending to Google and Yahoo. But in reality, the current senders (Klaviyo and Shopify) have to setup these authentications since you are not using branded sending domains, and I suspect they had done so ages ago.

The only case you must set branded sending up if you are impersonating addresses but that's not the case for you. 

I can confirm, no action is needed.

I can only speculate but it's likely that lot of Klaviyo's customers are using the branded domain feature but might've not set them up correctly at the time so they want to make sure that everyone is setup properly. They are probably doing this to prevent customers contacting them about emails going into spam when it used to work fine before. 


Can anyone shed some insight? If our deliverability rate starts to drop in could really harm our revenue!



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@Kirsty Robson hey, thanks for your question and welcome to the community!

I’m surprised by such an abrasive and misleading response from your IT support company to something that’s actually pretty reasonable.

Basically, the branded (or dedicated, which is what it was called before) sending domain means you need to have a subdomain on your website dedicated to sending emails from. Typically it’s something like “” - Klaviyo actually make this really simple for you in THIS GUIDE, you literally just have to follow the instructions and set this up. This will not impact your sending in any way and you can just continue what you were doing before this was set up.

Please note, this is not optional and there really shouldn’t be any discussion about whether you will do it or not. If you don’t do it, Gmail and Yahoo will block emails coming from your account, which will eventually get your IP blacklisted, and thus you will not be able to do any email marketing until your entire website structure is reset.

The same goes for DMARC - it’s something you need to set up as a filter to let inboxes know it’s actually you sending your emails, and not somebody impersonating you. There are many guides to how to set up DMARC, but I’d recommend the one from MXToolbox.

You really should try and get this handled before 31st March as the Google/Yahoo regulations will be coming into force after that date.

Hope this helped, happy to chat further!


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Hi there @Kirsty Robson


On top of @StefanUE’s great recommendations, this Community post has more insight into why all this is happening and a guide to ensure everything you need to do is done!