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  • 9 July 2021
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I have an list of customer collected offline and we want to opt-in the customer. 

Are we able to send a email with “opt-in” button to opt-in customer (if they click into the email).


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Hello @pmjchan,

Thanks for sharing your question with the Klaviyo Community!

When you mean an “opt-in” button do you mean something like the double opt-in confirmation email? If so, you wouldn’t be able to manually trigger that email to be sent out to your customers unless your customers themselves have signed up to a form connected to Klaviyo list which has double opt-in enabled, or if you are utilizing Klaviyo’s list API to upload these contacts to a list which has double opt-in enabled. 

Also keep in mind that Klaviyo do have regulations on surrounding the types of list allowed to be uploaded to the platform. We recommend only uploading lists of contacts who have explicitly opted-in to receive marketing emails from your brand. You can read further on list compliance from the About Compliant Lists article. 

if you already have consent from this list of contacts, one method you can ask if these customers would further want to remain opted-in would be creating a campaign email targeting just these contacts whose content includes the option to opt-in or opt-out. You can do so by creating buttons which utilize the update profile property function as detailed in the How to Use Links to Collect Information About Your Recipients article. Using this method would allow you to then segment and see which users of this uploaded list have opted in or out from clicking one of these buttons due to which profile property is amended to the contact’s profile. 

For example, you can create a segment rule such as: If someone is or is not in a list, Person is in Uploaded List AND Properties about someone, Opt-In Consent equals False; while replacing the “Uploaded List” with your uploaded list’s name and the “Opt-In Consent” and “False” with whatever your profile properties and values were. This segment would then allow you to locate contacts who are in the list who have clicked on an option such as “do not opt-in” which would allow you to suppress these contacts and list clean. 

Resources that may be helpful to you in understanding this strategy are the following articles:

I hope this helps!


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thanks David, wonder if using link to property would affect the email deliverability ?

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Hey @pmjchan,

Using these update profile property links would not effect deliverability. Your deliverability would only be impacted when using these update profile property links would be if the links being used in your syntax is suspect; such as if instead of redirecting users to your website or a webpage, you would be redirecting users to a third-party site or brand.