Organization of Lists/Campaigns/Flows/Etc. Using Tags

  • 4 January 2022
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Hello! Is there a standard practice for using tags to organize lists, segments, campaigns, flows, etc. We have years worth of these things without tags so they are very unorganized. However, we are looking for suggestions as to the best way to organize and group using tags. Can you share how you use tags to group and maintain some order in Klaviyo? Thanks!


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Hi there @Jenn McGinty!

Welcome to the Community and Happy New Year. I’d love to tell you more about tags within the Klaviyo platform. 

The tagging system allows you to label campaigns, flows, lists, and segments with tags. It's more just to keep things organized. Here are some articles we have on tags in Klaviyo:

Tags in Klaviyo
Use Tags to Organize Campaigns
Use Tags to Organize Flows

Additionally, we have a great Community post that utilizes tags in a different method:

Hope this helped!

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Hi Alex! This is great! However, I’m looking more for actual examples as to how others organize Klaviyo using tags. I know how to set up the tags and assign them, but I was hoping to get a glimpse into actual use of them to get a better idea. If a certain naming method is working for someone else, I thought that it would be a great guide before we start our organization project. Thanks!

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Hi there @Jenn McGinty!
Understood my apologies! In that case, I’d love to hear from some partners like @retention or @Mailbox Manny to see how they’ve seen people organize their tags for use in Klaviyo! I would also love to hear from other Community members regarding their own strategies as well.


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Hi, sorry that I’m late to the party.  I don’t really do anything fancy with tags.  We primarily use it for campaigns to tag types of messages (ie. Promotion, Product Launch, Newsletter, etc.) and refer back to key emails we’d want to filter for quickly (ie. Black Friday, Anniversary Sale, etc..).


I’d be curious to hear how you set up your account for better organization @Jenn McGinty :)