Question about account permissions with store security

  • 15 May 2024
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I have a Shopify Store and I'm hiring someone to provide a service for me there. I know that we should never provide owner access to accounts (I didn't, but I thought the person was insisting on it a lot...), only collaborator access. But, to answer a specific question. If I give personal Kavyo account owner access to someone, without that person having owner access on Shopify, do I run any risk of losing my store? Just to make sure...


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There is no need to give them owner access to your Klaviyo OR your Shopify accounts.

You can add them to Shopify and edit permissions accordingly.
Add them as a user to your Klaviyo account with Manager access, if they want Admin access it should be fine so long as you trust them.

Do not transfer ownership of any of your accounts.