Rebranding and switching clients from old site to new site

  • 5 January 2023
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our company has done a rebranding and we have currently two websites on Shopify. Both are using Klaviyo, however we plan on switching over completely to site #1 and reduce the traffic to site #2.

For this, we need to import site #2's lists and segments to site #1. I was wondering if it was possible to import customers from site #2 to site #1 with ALL the data 
Not emails etc. only, but ESPECIALLY including amount spent by said clients on site #2, number of purchases etc in order to have high quality analytics.

Furthermore, I was wondering if we could link old products to new products (same product with different name and packaging) for targeting sake.

Thank you!

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3 replies

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On the topic of linking products if you can keep the same SKU but different name then you will still be able to pool the data irrespective of whether customer viewed on site 1 or 2...

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Okay thanks! Any insights on how can I move these clients with all their data (e.g. CLV etc.) from one Klaviyo to another?

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@Carlos123 you can create an export of those clients to bring into the other Klaviyo account. When you export, you can choose all the info you want to bring over, such as order history, AOV, etc. When you download the export, upload it into the other Klaviyo account and select “email consent” because these people already consented to receive email from you.