Received Code 200 but only 1 Tracker receives a response

  • 21 August 2021
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Hi Guys,

We’ve been going around so many times with the reference documents/guidelines, re-visited our codes and it seems we were able to put in place Klaviyo’s components accordingly since we get a response of code 200 which means “OK - The request completed successfully” in all the tracking events. But among our tracking events only one of them is captured or displayed inside Klaviyo’s Dashboard.

1. Activity on Site - OK
2. Viewed Product 
3. Added to Cart
4. Started Checkout
5. Placed Order
6. Ordered Product
7. Fulfilled Order

Is there a way we can figure out why is this happening? We are already losing hope to resolve the concerns. At least if there was an error code pointing to something that is incorrect we could have probably started somewhere meaningful.

Would appreciate anybody’s feedback, thoughts or experiences similar to this.

Thank you all!


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Hey @jigabytes,

Sorry to hear you are having troubles getting your track calls to be recorded correctly. When you mean you have “put in place Klaviyo’s components accordingly...” do you mean you are testing these track calls manually by calling them individually or  do you mean you have gone ahead and set up these calls onto your website?

If you have set these calls up on your website, keep in mind that in order for these events to trigger within Klaviyo, you’ll need to run through a test on your website to trigger these events in order for them to be recorded to be synced to Klaviyo. If you were testing these calls individually but are having an issue, can you share one of the payload or code that isn’t working? 

As a refresher, I would also suggest taking a look at the Guide to Integrating a Standard Ecommerce Platform and Track and Identify API Reference Help Center articles which details how to code custom API events to be synced to Klaviyo which has helped others. 

I hope this helps!