Receiving wrong countries marketing emails from Klaviyo

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I am currently receiving marketing emails from Klayvio that give me information for the UK. For example the latest one is 30+ marketing dates. (which would be REALLY useful) except my business is based in the US and has no relevance.  I have made sure the timezone is correct within account settings, but that doesn’t do anything. I am currently on the free plan as it’s a very new business and I am just starting out with email capture. Yet I am unable to contact Klayvio for assistance. Can anyone here help me?

Thanks in advance.


Best answer by Taylor Tarpley 17 May 2023, 23:20

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Hi @liuyft9756tofo7tvwefdvbpiuhwe


Do you mind confirming if you yourself are based in the UK, but run a US-based shop? This might be the reason why you are receiving UK-based emails. 


Thanks for confirming! 


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Hi Taylor,

Thank you. That would be great!

The email originated from this address:

Thanks for the useful info and links!

Kind regards 


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Hi there @liuyft9756tofo7tvwefdvbpiuhwe


Welcome to the Community! Happy to help get this fixed for you so you can get all the resources you need to get off your feet!


When you click into the Klaviyo email, can you share what the ‘from’ email handle is? This can help me identify from where inside Klaviyo this email came from and allow me to fix this for you.


Additionally, as your a very new business, here are some more resources to get you started with a strong foundation! Make sure to join a user group based on your industry , learn from our experts in the industry, and check out  our Academy courses and live trainings as well!  


Thanks for partipcating in the Community!