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  • 29 November 2022
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So I just took over this account and I am trying to make sure that we are seeing the correct data from the Shopify store. 

Originally, they did not have shopify integration set up, but they had their data coming in from what i’m assuming is the Klaviyo API integration (there is a little gear next to the Placed Order attribute instead of shopify logo)? 

When I made a segment for all customers who have placed at least 1 order, the data was not matching what the shopify store was saying at all. 

I went ahead and connected the shopify integration, and the data from the past 90 days started syncing. Now I am seeing Placed Order data attributed directly from Shopify. It does not say syncing anymore, but the total number of customers who placed an order still doesn’t seem to match the total number of customers from shopify. Will this take a while longer to sync? 

But regardless, now I am seeing placed order data BOTH for the Placed Order w/ the little gears, and for Placed Orders w/ Shopify. 

  1. Can someone clarify where the data from the little gears is coming from or how I can check? (sorry, not familiar with the terminology) and
  2. When I go to the Performance tab and click on Placed Order (gears), I am seeing different numbers for Total Revenue & Revenue From Klaviyo, than when I click on Placed Order(Shopify). Is the total revenue now the sum of these two? And Is there a way to sync all the data into one so that it’s all in one place?



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Hello @Mau,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

When you first integrate Shopify with Klaviyo, we’ll prioritize syncing the last 90-days worth of data. This lets you get started as soon as possible. Depending on how much more historical data there is that needs to be synced, it can take upwards of several days to fully sync everything over. You can check up on the status of this historical sync by looking at your Placed Order metric as mentioned in the Monitoring the Historical Metric Sync subsection of our Getting started with Shopify Help Center article.

Whenever you see a gear icon next to a metric, that would indicate that it’s a custom event. That would mean it’s connected to Klaviyo via API either from a third-party tool who has developed their own integration with Klaviyo or that it’s a fully custom event/metric built by a developer.

To answer both your questions, you’ll actually want to discuss this with other members of the account such as the account owners and/or admins. They’ll be your best resources to learn of the origin and purpose of these custom events in the account. Without knowing the event’s origin or purpose, you really wouldn’t know if those data points passed to Klaviyo are entirely accurate or if they have some additional logic to them. 

One thing that may help, is that the Shopify Placed Order event tracks revenue as (sub-total + shipping) - any discounts. To quote our Shopify data reference Help Center article:

You may see that the Revenue value on your Klaviyo dashboard does not always match up with the revenue value you see in Shopify; this is because Shopify subtracts canceled and refunded orders from their revenue calculation, while Klaviyo does not.

I hope this helps!


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Hello @David To, thanks for your response. Yes.. I figured out that the custom Metric is synced to a different part of the Website. The company I am working with is a Print Shop / Artist Marketplace. It seems to be that the Shopify Metric is linked to the Artist Marketplace orders, and the Custom Metric is linked to the Print Shop orders. Very interesting.. and very few people overlap on both. I guess this gives a good way to target these people separately.. 


Also, I have not seen any update to the amount of people in the Shopify Placed Order Metric since yesterday when the 90 days completed. The help says there should be a status bar in the integrations page under shopify but I don’t see it. I am trying to make sense of all these lists and segments at the moment.. 


Side note - if an email bounces does that mean there is something wrong with the email address or could it be a deliverability issue on our end? 


Thank you 

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Hey @Mau,

Glad to hear you were able to figure out where that custom Placed Order event was coming from!

You’ll typically see a progress bar if your account is still undergoing a historic sync by navigating to Integrations > Shopify under Historic Sync. Similar to the image below. If you don’t see this progress bar, then it would indicate that the historic sync has completed.

Oftentimes, when an email bounces, it’s an issue on the recipients end. Common reasons why email bounce are:

  • Email address doesn’t exist
    The contact could have provided a false address or made a typo in the address. If you are unsure, you can try correcting the email address and sending a one-off email. If the email still bounces, this address should remain suppressed.
  • Email is undeliverable
    The email was unable to be delivered due to an error with the server, etc. 
  • Mailbox is full
    If the profile has opened emails from you in the past, they may need to empty their mailbox.
  • Vacation/Auto-reply
    The contact may have set a temporary auto-reply. If there is previous activity in the account, they may need to turn off auto-reply.
  • Blocked Email
    The receiving server has blocked the incoming email.

You can learn more about bounced emails from our Understanding bounced emails in Klaviyo Help Center article as well as other Community posts on this subject: