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  • 21 March 2022
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Hi everyone! I only have close to 5 people on my newsletter. If I set up a custom sending domain with link tracking would it go to spam since I don’t have many subscribers? Would I be able to warm my sending infrastructure with only 5 subscribers?




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Hi there @Blasted,

Welcome to the Community!
Glad to hear you started your email sending journey! 

Right now, you wouldn’t really need to warm up your infrastructure. However, I would recommend starting by sending your campaign in batches to allow you to slowly push out emails over a course of a few hours and mitigate the likelihood of getting rate limited by the ISP. Our article, Warming Your Sending Infrastructure would be used if you intend to set up a dedicated sending domain.

When creating a Klaviyo account you are automatically placed on a Klaviyo Shared Sending Domain. You can see this in your account's settings under "Domain". To provide a bit more context, you are currently on a shared IP address, so the IP address carries a reputation based on emails from multiple accounts and senders. Our Compliance team monitors the IP address and curates which accounts are entitled to send with it. We also have automated systems that remove bad senders from the platform and group like senders, so any potential negatives are mitigated on Klaviyo.

I am including a bit more information on the topic here: Dedicated Sending Infrastructure. We do offer dedicated IP addresses, and the benefit of using a dedicated IP address is that the reputation of the IP address can only be influenced by the single account that is using it. The negatives of using a dedicated IP address are:

  • You must update DNS records.
  • You must send a high volume of monthly emails to establish a reputation.

In addition, an account has to meet the following requirements:

  • Subscribed to a plan of at least $1,500/month
  • Expect to send at least 100k emails each month
  • Sending requirements: 30% or greater open rates for their first campaign, 20% or greater open rates for subsequent campaigns in the first month, 10% or greater open rates after onboarding is complete (usually 30 days)
  • For all campaigns – less than 1% bounce rate, less than 0.5% unsubscribe rate, less than 0.3% marked as spam rate

Hope that helped to get you started,


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Hi @alex.hong so if I were to set up my custom sending domain and dedicated link tracking domain, it shouldn’t affect my deliverability with that small amount of subscribers?

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Hi there @Blasted,

I think the benefit of having a list of 5 subscribers is that you can test out different deliverability tactics and set up your entire brand (through custom domains and link tracking) with ease as the audience is small. I don’t think it would be a disservice to get started with the process or at least learn more about it now before you eventually take off and have a lot more subscribers!

Have a good day,