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Is there any rule to create Subdomain name?
I have read setup domain documentation. It recommends with subdomain name “send”(, so what if I use another name?

In past, I used and it’s worked. Now, I have reset up and after all, status of sending domain show “In progress” and all request can’t reach to.

Can someone explain clearly about setup subdomain and difference of “send” and “mail”?


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Hi @dungnguyen, welcome to the community!

If you are referring to choosing a subdomain for a branded sending domain, then you can choose any subdomain as long as its not being used for another purpose.  

Klaviyo’s documentation confirms this:

Branded sending domain
This is the domain that will be used to send emails from Klaviyo and will appear in your email headers. It's important to note that the branded sending domain must have a unique, unused subdomain so not to interfere with any external email configurations on your root domain. The most commonly used subdomain name at Klaviyo is "send." Using the example above, Hello World's branded sending domain could be However, you can use any subdomain that is not already in use. 


Can you explain what you mean by its “in progress?”  


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Thank for replied! Here’s my status, I think it’s should be “active” instead of “In progress”


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Hi @dungnguyen


Are you still seeing the ‘in progress’ status?