Shopify revenue is not shown in klaviyo dashboard

  • 31 December 2023
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I have integrated with shopify but the revenue of shopify is not showing in Klaviyo dashboard.


Best answer by nabin7 2 January 2024, 09:04

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5 replies

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Hi @nabin7, welcome to the community and to Klaviyo!


First thing I would check is if your “conversion metric” on the Klaviyo dashboard is set up properly. Sometimes, it will default to the “active on site” metric. If you change it to “Placed Order” as shown in my screenshot, then your Shopify revenue should display as expected!


Let me know if that helps?





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yes I’m on my placed order metrics and integration is fine on the dashboard. 


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There revenue is still not showing 

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@nabin7 thanks for confirming your dashboard metrics are set up correctly. At this point, if your Shopify store has revenue that’s not being correctly synced to your Klaviyo account, I suspect there’s something broken/ not working correctly in the integration. 


@retention might have some other insights that could help!

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Hi there @nabin7


Thanks for sharing your question with us! And thanks for all the help @ebusiness pros you’ve shared so far to help your peer! 


To confirm @nabin7, how long has this account been bringing in revenue from Shopify or is this a new store? Can you share a screenshot of your placed order metric in your Analytics > Metrics tab for Placed Order so we can confirm the discrepancy?