The issue of klaviyo billin plan

  • 29 March 2022
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Hello, we have some questions about klaviyo's charges; we found that when we opened an email Billing that only supports 5,000 people, and we had 10,000 customers, and we split them into two 5,000 segments, I would can email them using my 5000-only billing plan, even though they're different users; so that means, even if I don't use a 10,000-customers-only mail plan, but a 5000- customers plan, I can still Send mail to all my  customers. What is the reason for this please? Is klaviyo billing plan based on the maximum number of  customers that sent in a single send?

here the picture to prove this issue furtherly.

And we find we only could send 50 000 email in next month, could someone pls tell the reason?


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Hi @kimmia


Thank you for sharing your question with us! We are rolling out a new email sending plan next month that we are making all accounts aware of. 


As of right now, a plan of 5,000 emailable profiles was listed under the ‘unlimited email sends’ tier. However, due to the pricing change, we are letting you know that you will now have a cap on your email sends of 50,000 per billing cycle, instead of the previous unlimited sends. 


So hypothetically if you keep up the cadence of your email sends, sending another 13,000 emails over the next two weeks of your billing cycle, you will only send about 26,000 emails, not anywhere newar your now 50,000 email send cap that will take effect on April 11th. This does not affect the number of emailable profile you can send to in one email send. Your cap for recipients per email is still 5,000 profiles. 


However, if you company continues to grow and you at any point need to send more than 50,000 email sends in a billing cycle, you will be prompted and should consider upgrading. 


Hope this was helpful! Thanks for participating in our Community!