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  • 19 June 2021
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I have two step authentication set up on my account, and use an authenticator app on my phone. I recently got a new phone, and wiped my old one, and my new phone hasn’t carried over my authenticator settings. So when I go to the authenticator app, it doesn’t have my account. Therefore, I can’t access my account to update the authenticator settings. What can I do? (I’m accessing it on my partners account, for the time being). 


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5 replies

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Hello @livespiffy,

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If your partner is the owner of the account, you can have them disable the two-factor authentication requirement by navigating to Account > Settings > Users and un-checking the box to Require two-step authentication for all users. This should disable the two-factor authentication for your login credentials. Then, they can re-activate this setting again to allow you to set up two-factor authentication on your new device. 

Should you need additional assistance in disabling your two-step authentication method or resetting it, I would recommend reaching out to support to have a closer look at your account and process this request since it does pertain to sensitive account information. 

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I’m faced with the same problem but we’re concerned that unchecking Require two-step authentication for all users will reset all of our 9 users, not just the user who has replaced their phone.

Can you advise on how to minimise disruption to all of our users? 

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Hello @dsmith,

Great question! Completely understand your concerns here on disrupting other users of the account to reset one authentication. 

To reset one user’s authentication, you would need to have the user who needs their authentication reset reach out and contact support who can reset the authentication on just that user’s login credentials. After resetting it, the user would be able to set up the two-step authentication again upon logging back into their Klaviyo account. 

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Agreeing that getting a new phone is a total disaster. All the auth codes/set ups are gone. 
The log in screen where you are required to add the code should have a way to start over by scanning the QRcode.

The directions here are plain wrong for my situation. In my case, the multi-factor auth is under my personal settings, not the client’s settings. The client actually has multi-factor auth OFF in my case. 

The setting to turn of multi-factor is here: account → personal →Multi-factor Authentication.