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  • 27 November 2023
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Dear team,

I have recently opened a second webshop, with a separate domein and plan in Shopify, but which is connected to my main account in Shopify together with the other webshop, so I can easily switch between two stores.

Klaviyo is installed in my first store, but I’d also like to use it for the second store. Can you tell me what the possibilities are to do this? Thank you very much!


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2 replies

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Hey there! Only one Shopify store can be connected to a Klaviyo account at one time, so you’ll need to follow the same set-up steps you did for your first store in a new Klaviyo account.

The great thing though is that once your email address is added as a user into that 2nd account, you can easily swap between the two, similar to the Shopify capabilities. 


Thank you for your help! I did that, created a new account with Klaviyo with my new email address, but every time I try to connect to my shop, it gives met the following message:


Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable.


 I assumed this had to do with the fact that both shops ate under the same account in Shopify. Is that correct or does this message relate to another problem? Thanks again!