Unable to update all action statuses

  • 20 November 2022
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I started to have this error message while edditing an email sequance in which i was putting images on them. And so far i cant use the app for anything since this error unables any saves or updates on any features this app provides…

It gives this error “Unable to update all action statuses”

And the reason im opening a topic here is because the app doesnt allow me to send any emails since it cant update anything


Best answer by David To 21 November 2022, 19:23

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Hell @NoahPetHouse,

Welcome to the Klaviyo Community!

I think it would be really helpful to the rest of the Community if you could share some screenshots of what it is you’re doing to help explain the situation. This way other Community members can jump in with any suggestions they can think of!

Since it sounds like this could also be related to you not being able to contact our Support colleagues, I suspect that this may be browser related. Sometimes certain extensions or ad-blockers will hinder a wide variety of functionality in Klaviyo. A common one would be preventing you from saving elements in Klaviyo. You’ll want to check to see if one of your extensions could be the root cause. 

If you’ve disabled your extensions and/or don’t have any, the next thing I would suggest trying is clearing the cache on your browser and fully restarting your browser. 

I’ve also seen this occur when you’re trying to update elements in your account that you don’t have permission to. For example, if you’re an an analyst on an account, you wouldn’t have access to make changes to flow emails. 

Even if you can’t use the in- support form, you can always contact our colleagues via their request form here

I hope this helps!