Updating the reply-to email address in my account

  • 27 November 2020
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There may come a time when you need to update your reply-to email address. Perhaps you want to change it for just one message, or for all future campaigns and flow emails you create. Either way, here’s how you can make those updates.

Update My Reply-to Address for One Message

By default, your sender email address will be the same email used for replies. If you want to change the reply-to email used for a particular campaign or flow message, go to the email editor. Before clicking in to edit the content of your email, you will see the options to update the sender name, sender email address, and subject. Below Sender Email Address is a checkbox. Toggle this off to set a different reply-to email from your sender email address.

Update My Reply-to and Sender Address for all Future Messages

if you’ve changed your email address recently and need to update it going forward, you can do this within your Account Settings. Go to Account > Contact Information > Organization. There you will see a field for Default sender email address. You can enter your new email here. By default, Klaviyo uses your default sender email address as the reply-to email.

It’s important to note that updating your organization’s sending email address, will not change the sender email address for existing flow messages. If you would like those to be updated to the new email address, you will need to manually update those flow messages. 

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5 replies

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Thanks for these info.


Question: if I need to change the sender address for a specific flow, does this sender address needs to use the default sender domain or could it be name@otherdomain.com ?

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Hi @darka26 , We recommend using the same domain to prevent deliverability issues. Inbox providers may not recognize a different domain as a trusted sender, and may place messages from that domain differently. 

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Hi :)

I have an additional question regarding the Sender Email Address. I have a welcome automationflow that is currently live. But the Sender Email Address in this flow, is incorrect - darn.

Can I change the Sender Email Address in my live Welcome flow, without losing any data?

Many thanks in advance,




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Hey @nap1986,

Changing the Sending address for an email within an existing flow would not actually cause the email to lose any of the data and analytics that have already been recorded. You can find how to change the Sender email address for individual emails from the How to Change the Sender Email Address article.


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Hi David, 

Thank you for you answer :)

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