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  • 22 September 2023
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Hi - I've just set up with Klaviyo but I don't currently have a database of profiles. How do I warm up my account without it? as I don't have any engagement data to create warm up segments. 

Ive created all my data capture should I just turn everything on and start building my list? but then what happens to my welcome email if the account isn't warm?


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5 replies

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Hi @frankie_1720 - first, welcome to the community and Klaviyo!

So, if you’re just starting out on Klaviyo, you technically don’t have to warm up the account since you’re brand new.  However, I would start by building out the initial Flows like the Welcome Series, Abandoned Cart (Checkotu), and Post Purchase Flows.  These Flows all have a really high open rate because they are Triggered by specific moments of the users’ journey with high intent.  

Once you have these in place, my goal would be to build really great email capture experiences and offers to better convert your website visitors to email subscribers. 

You may have already seen this, but this is a great place to start in Klaviyo’s documentation:

Hope that helps!


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Hi @frankie_1720


Building off of what @retention mentions, I’d also recommend checking out our getting started with email deliverability monitoring and performance metrics to learn more about how to keep build good deliverability practices in your account as well as these other great resources to help you build a good foundation!




sorry one more question - is it normal for a welcome email to go into junk when I first turn it on given that I don't have a sending reputation.

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Hi there @frankie_1720


Don’t be sorry, happy to hep you get started! I know this can all be a lot at first, that’s why the Community exists!


I would investigate what is in* your emails, aka the content of your emails, to ensure you’re abiding by good deliverability practices to let inboxes know you’re a trustworthy sender! For instance, our helpful documentation on troubleshooting why emails go to spam will be really insightful for you! 


I’d also recommend these resourcs as well to continue growing your knowledge base on how to send strong emails! 


Thanks for participating in the Community, you got this! 


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sorry one more question - is it normal for a welcome email to go into junk when I first turn it on given that I don't have a sending reputation.

The links Taylor shared are great resources to get clear on healthy emailing!

When you first get started, there are a multitude of reasons an inbox provider might consider your email spam worth but as long as you continue to deliver good content to your subscribers who organically opted into your lead magnet or sign-up form - you are proving to those providers that your domain can be trusted overtime. Typically I don’t see a brand new domain going straight to spam unless that email journey isn’t something your new leads are engaging with or marking your messages as spam themselves.