Whom should I talk to about our account disabled?

  • 31 October 2023
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We have a challenge!  Our company was a long-time customer of Klaviyo since May 2018.  Sadly, our account was disabled due to our refund dispute.  We are trying to talk to a thoughtful Klaviyo representative who will listen to us.  Who should we talk to?

1 reply

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Thanks for posting to the Community. It appears there has been something that may have flagged our Compliance to disable your account. To resolve this issue, you would have to go through support as we at the Community cannot go into your account to resolve these types of issues. If you ever have any questions surrounding your account or it’s manual review process, I suggest following-up in the email thread sent to you by our Compliance team. Our colleagues on that team are best suited to help working with you and provide you further details in the steps needed to reactivating your account.

We also have documentation on why your account might be disabled - here.