Why am I being asked for my website password?

  • 2 December 2020
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My new account was flagged for account verification. I was sent a list of questions which I answered. I was then asked for my “site password” to continue verification. Is this normal procedure? I’m not even sure what that means- my Klaviyo password? My WordPress admin password? I’m pretty sketched out at this point and am thinking this is a scam.


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2 replies


Hi @mattelustra,


The Klaviyo Compliance team would never ask for your WordPress Admin password, what I suspect is going on here is your site is password protected and we are just asking for that password so we can review the content and sure it complies with our Acceptable Use Policy

Klaviyo staff would never ask for sensitive information such as a password that would give us access to your admin panel, or any other sensitive information. 



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I replied back to the Klaviyo rep, apparently I was sent that request by mistake. Thank you for following up, this is resolved.