Why can't I see my Klaviyo dashboard page?

  • 29 November 2021
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Hello! I have issue with my Klaviyo account that it doesn’t show anything on the screen. 

I've been experiencing this issue for a few months now. I don't know what changed since I was able to access Klaviyo fine before.


I have followed all the instructions to clear my cache, cookies, even to refresh my browser. My browser is updated. I tried using incognito mode as well. Nothing seems to be working.


My role is assigned as admin too within the organization.


I want to create a ticket, however the issue still there. I can’t even access the support page.




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Hi @ayuvitaa


Welcome to the Community! We are happy to have you here! 


Thanks for sharing your question with us! Sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing these dashboard issues for a while. Glad to hear you have walked through and confirmed that it isn’t other common errors that would prevent the dashboard from displaying as you mentioned. 


Can you confirm that you have double checked that you have no ad blockers, anti-viral softwares, or network filters/firewalls that could be preventing these pages to load? At this time there doesn’t appear to be any reported issue with Klaviyo. 


You might have already navigated through these posts, but these additional features to check helped others resolve their display issues.  


However, if after confirming that you have followed every step outlined here and other posts and can confirm that none of these are the issue, I would contact support using this link, as this is a way to access support outside of your account. 


Thanks for your participation in making the Community great! 


Hi Taylor,

Thanks for your reply. Yes, I can confirm I have no adblocker installed on my chrome browser. I have Avira as the anti-viral software. But even then, does it mean I have to leave my computer unprotected just to access Klaviyo?


I cannot use the link you provided to contact support as nothing shows up on my screen when I choose technical support, it redirects me to As I already attached the picture on my initial question.

Is there any way I coud contact the Klaviyo support other than this way so they can help me troubleshoot it?

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Hi @ayuvitaa


Thanks for sharing that additional information, it helps us work toward a situation! 


Having an anti-viral software could definitely be a reason for the problem you’re experiencing. I can definitely understand your concern here.


If you don’t want to turn off the software, it could be possible to whitelist Klaviyo for your program. However, to do so would have to be  accomplished within the anti-viral software itself, or by reaching out to their own support team to accomplish this. 


Would love to help you troubleshoot this further for you as much as I can within my scope! I will create a ticket on your behalf to reach out to support for additional help. Please check your inbox for a  personal message from me for necessary details!